About Us

In 2006, WRL Herefords was born. Principals, Wesley and Russell Lowien (a son/father team), come from commercial cattle backgrounds which encompassed all aspects from breeding to retail sales in the family butchery.


Wesley and Russell selected Herefords as a proven breed they grew up with and witnessed first hand, the benefits they offered to any pure or cross-bred herd. Their commercial operations exposed them a variety of breeds and crosses, however Hereford and Hereford cross cattle were seen to consistently achieve results.


The premise of WRL Herefords is to grow Hereford cattle that are structurally sound, soft and easy doing but hardy to all conditions, ultimately yielding more beef.


Wesley and Russell commenced showing their cattle in 2008, with wonderful success at regional and major shows (refer to news).


WRL Herefords plans to build on its success, having commenced an AI program, selecting the best genetics from across the country.



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